Blockchain Benefit 1 - Transparency

Increase Your Real Estate Data Transparency with DreamBlock

Envision your business to have a clear, efficient and expected process and paperwork.

Those are some of the benefits of using blockchain for the commercial real estate industry. DreamBlock expedites deals and is a faster and more effective way to contract the management process.


Clear - Blockchain enables transparency of data because of its decentralized nature, increasing accountability and cultivating a productive business environment. The availability and quality of information from prices to ownership is crucial in making real estate investment and management decisions. DreamBlock is especially useful in this manner, as clear data is necessary for a company expanding into new markets and
allocates increasingly more capital.

Efficient - Contracts can be created, authenticated and audited globally and in real-time, without an intermediary - saving time and resources. Furthermore, every part of a lease or sale agreement can be automated, and payments can be received instantly at any time. Blockchain also benefits the pre-lease due diligence process by issuing personal digital keys, which helps verify identities, speeds up the background check and reduces fraud.

Expected - Transactions are only fulfilled if all instructions have been completed, providing complete transparency and expected results to all parties, reducing the likelihood of payment disputes.

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