The Solution


blockchain technology

A blockchain is a type of shared database that is not located on any one central system, but rather shared on an entire network of users globally. Any time a new entry is submitted, network users verify and must agree upon the entry. The decentralized nature of a blockchain ensures all transactions are transparent and not altered. This is in contrast to a traditional database that is administered by a single entity, like a bank.

A blockchain, by design, solves the problem of managing millions of accounts in a secured, cost effective and labour efficient manner.

DreamBlock is a global real estate platform that creates and manages micro fractions of economic interest in an asset. It overcomes traditional challenges of investing in real estate by using blockchain technology.

The platform enables real estate asset managers to list Investment Products, and create a unique asset backed Internal Token that consumers can purchase on the DreamBlock Marketplace.

The DreamBlock platform is independent of cryptocurrency trading, market and prices (e.g. Bitcoin). DreamBlock uses its own platform access tokens, having no value outside of the DreamBlock Marketplace.

DreamBlock makes it possible to manage a large number of investors at a very low cost. Neither the Client nor the Consumer is exposed to the technical complexity or learning curve associated with blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

DreamBlock Holdings Inc. will initially secure a low risk, income producing real estate asset as the first Client to run on the DreamBlock Platform.